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| ENGLISH | Shape The Future is an episode provides intrapreneur experience inside Cooler Master. You can hear the story from Little Bosses, and they will share insights on how to start a business and entrepreneurial adventure. Inspiring from our own successes! Think outside the box and embrace new ideas!  We warmly welcome you to join Academy’s learning community to share your professions and experience, Enjoy the moment when intrapreneurs share their passion on the stage. Let's get excited and shape the future together!
3 Lessons
2 Hours

Our guest speakers will be three of Cooler Master’s pioneers!

Chris Chen – General Manager of CMIO

  • Intrapreneurship: From Zero to One
  • The First New BU startups in Cooler Master, leveraging limited resources to build product and team.


Shane Alborough – Chairman of MALA JMC

  • Building the Future of Lifestyle
  • Just Do It! The experience of creating Tech Lifestyle with New D2C Channel: CM Experience Store.


Matteo Stracciari – Head of Master XP West

  • Power of Pivot: Transforming Business for Growth
  • Teamwork and partnership, step by step to build new type of Experience Business, enhancing market development efficiency.
  • Intrapreneurship: From Zero to One – Chris Chen
  • New D2C Channel: CM Experience Store – Shane Alborough
  • Master XP Cross board cooperation – Matteo Stracciari
  • How to leverage limited resources to build new business.
  • The experience of setting up a new experiential store and market feedback.
  • Enhancing market development efficiency through new type of Experience.

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  • 3 Lessons

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