This is COOMAA,
learn, connect and build
your "Me"

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This is COOMAA,
learn, connect and build
your "Me"

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The Cooler Master Academy is at the core of our mission to cultivate and advance all knowledge to further individual skills, personal growth and product innovation.


COOMAA’s social platform connects learning with its community and industry. Exchange your ideas with peers, discuss the latest trends or share influential contents.


Gather resources to succeed. As a member you will have access to like-minded others with complimentary talent and proven skills to build high-performing teams.

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We believe in you

CM culture nourishes hands on people. We build skilled team members through practice, rigorous training and skill acquisitions that allow us to explore new horizons. We believe that only through hands-on experiences and global interactions can we stay above fast-changing markets. The Cooler Master Academy is a first step towards teaching, connecting and building teams on a global scale. We build this community to let everyone have a place to give back, to share know-how and contribute in a meaningful way.

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Join the community and become an active part of the “make it yours” culture. Offering more than a social chat, COOMAA hosts a truly professional platform for learning, connecting and building relationships.