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| 中文 & English | 什麼東西可以申請專利? 專利如何申請? 面對專利審查時,應如何應對審查委員發出的意見呢? 本課程邀請 台灣先智專利商標事務所 陳志銘 台灣專利師 / 中國專利代理師以及 Asato Wilfred 美國專利師共同開設,從基本專利出發,緊接著介紹申請專業檢索須知,並從實務面出發,講解電子、軟體、機械類專利審查的必知知識。 What can be patented? How to apply for a patent? When facing patent examination, how should we respond to the opinions issued by the examination committee? This course invites Chen Zhiming, a Taiwan patent attorney, and Asato Wilfred, an American patent attorney, to jointly offer this course. Starting from basic patents, it will then introduce the application for professional search instructions, and from a practical perspective, explain electronics, Must-know knowledge for software and mechanical patent examination.
6 Lessons
6 Hours
0 Exam


  • 學員對專利有基本概念
  • 學員結合專利工作實務,保障各部門努力研發的產品。
  • 讓參加者了解哪些專利可申請,同時避免侵害他人專利

Patents are the company’s intangible assets. Through six basic and advanced courses on patents, this series guides partners to understand the concept of patents and the patent practices that each department must know.

  • Let students have the basic concept of patent. ​
  • Allow students to combine patents and work practices to protect the products developed by various departments. ​
  • Let participants know which patents are available and avoid infringing others’ patents.
  1.  可以申請專利的創作與發明、提出申請的時間
  2. 專利權的性質、種類及保護年限
  3. 專利說明書的內容與格式、如何應對審查意見
  4. 收到告知我方產品侵害專利權時,該做出的反應、措施與預防
  5. 發現侵權產品時,需要做的措施
  6. 如何填寫專利檢索申請表單、需要提供的資料及檢索流程
  7. 介紹專利申請案的審查程序與基本審查規則,並以實際案例解說如何應對審查委員發出的核駁意見


  1. Creations and inventions that can be patented and when the application was filed
  2. The nature, type and term of protection of the patent right
  3. The content and format of the patent specification, and how to respond to the office action
  4. Responses, measures and precautions to be taken when receiving notification that our products infringe patent rights
  5. Measures to be taken when an infringing product is found
  6. How to fill in the patent search application form, the materials to be provided and the search process
  7. Introduce the examination procedures and basic examination rules of patent applications, and explain how to deal with the refusal opinions issued by the examination committee with actual cases



Advanced courses (patent examination and defense practice) are suitable for:

Engineering/R&D personnel, project managers, and students who have taken patent introduction courses are recommended


Not Enrolled

Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons