Meet our Engineering Management RLB Team

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Punpun Hu

PJM Section Manager


Ms. Hu has been working at Cooler Master for about 12 years, including 6 years in industrial engineering management, and 6 years in project management. She has received VDA6.3 national certifications. ​

Leo Yin

EFG17 Manager


Mr. Yin has 12 years of industry experience with 7 years in DT&SERVER and Graphic Cards and 5 years in water cooling & vehicle radiator R & D Engineering Practical Experience (VDA6.3 and IATF16949 and other national certifications).

Xue Mei Wang

Thermal R&D Manager


Ms Wang has 17 years of experience in research and development of two-phase flow products, 3DVC (equal heat sinks) design, low profile type heat sinks, miniature piping heat sinks and Loop-type heat sinks.

Si Qi Guo

ITC Liquid Cooling Assoc. Manager


Air-cooled heat sink design/simulation/analysis Water cooling plate design/simulation/analysis Single/dual phase immersion cooling system design

David Lin

Liquid Cooling Innovation Assoc. Manager


Water Installation License for welded piping and cold working. Design & development of household air conditioner/dehumidifier inverter systems and structures. BLDC three-phase motor product design and development as well as magnetic coupling pumps.

Joon Hyun Chan

Senior Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical Design Flow Field Simulation

Qiu Yu Ye

Assoc. Project Manager


Mechanical Design

Wen Feng Jiang

Partner, Laboratory Firm


Since joining, he has been focusing on the company's product performance testing, wind tunnel testing, system testing and simulation analysis. He has a deeper understanding and analysis of product performance anomalies, and is proficient in the use of various types of test instruments.

Wei Guo



Responsible for customers such as Foxconn / Wistron / Gigabyte / Fujitsu / BYD, etc for Air-cooled/ water-cooled projects involving CPU/VGA/automotive. Familiar with the process of heat dissipation parts hardware/plastic/fan/table treatment), brazing/friction welding process of modules and Rohs 2.0/HF Environmental Requirements.